How did this come about?

Summer 2015. Burning swimrun fever. A fellow swimrun enthusiast was in pain for lack of races in Finland. A little hiking in midnight Sun on a trip to Äkäslompolo, Lapland. Spectacular landscapes. The idea and a dream was born. Found that a couple of fellow swimrun friends had the same dream.

We decided to make it happen. To bring you a special swimrun experience. See below our lovely memories from 2016!

Results of 2016 Edition. Congratulations to all Finishers!

Who are we then?

This is our happy crew that joined forces to make swimrun happen in Lapland. Besides us, partners, volunteers and supporters are needed. If you wish to become one, let us know by e-mail.. Click the button above or the mail symbol below to write us.

Janne. Swimrun enthusiast. Also into triathlon, swimming, trail running, running, orienteering, skiing, hiking. “I fell in love with swimrun in 2012-2013. I greatly enjoyed running and swimming, one after the other. When I first heard about Ö till Ö, I instantly knew this was the sport I had been looking for.” First race: Utö Swimrun 2013. Participated in all Finnish races thus far.

Anu. Full half of Pink Seals, the first Finnish female team to Finish Ö till Ö. One of Finland’s swimrun pioneers. Orienteer, swimrunner, triathlete, coach, podiatrist. “For me the bite was instant, too. Within 20 minutes of hearing about Ö till Ö, the to-become Pink Seals were typing in our entry to Ö till Ö of 2014.” First race: Utö Swimrun 2014. Participated in all Finnish races thus far.

Petteri. A Finnish triathlon legend already. Triathlete since 1986. With numerous national medals, he is also an age group European champion. He introduced revamping of tri-wetsuits for swimrun to his Finnish peers. “I got the swimrun bug bite in a fun debut in Solvalla Swimrun in 2014. We tried it once and wanted to race the first swimrun race in Finland.” Petteri did the early course scouting with us, what a blast!

Markus. Off-track and wilderness specialist. He is into orienteering, wilderness skills, multisport, all kinds of movement on skis, especially off-track, snowshoeing, hiking. “We have now been living in Äkäslompolo for 14 years. Even though we come from the Helsinki area, we have really found home for our hearts here in the North.”